Discover the Dazzle in You

March was the month for women. To acknowledge the great works that women do. Dazzle Promotions through its program Queens of Dazzle held a closed seminar to recognise women for their roles and to celebrate with them all that they have managed to achieve. The seminar was held under the them “Discover the Dazzle in You”. 

The event attracted young ladies from all areas and walks of life. The next event for Queens of Dazzle is scheduled for May 2017. Email for more details. 



Behind Every successful Woman is HERSELF.

Today’s times come with lots of pressure and competition to be the best that at times that we miss the small achievement we make along the way. In truth you can only appreciate your efforts if you can from time to time step back and reflect. If only you knew just how much you have achieved this far, you will begin to see your ladder of success.

This year DAZZLE hosted a gala dinner for our mentorship group Queens of Dazzle. The purpose was to celebrate the various milestone these ladies have made during 2016. We take time to appreciate all our Queens for all you were able to do. Ranging from obtaining your degrees, shedding of weight, registering companies, successfully giving birth and building a sustainable financial Base for your company.

For all your achievements no matter big and small…You deserve a toast!