An Eagles Attitute

Eagles love the storm. When clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift it higher. 

Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagles uses the raging storm to lift him above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees.

We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers relish challenges and use them profitably.

Principles of An Eagle by Dr. Miles Monroe


Tribute Unwarranted 

Today I pay tribute to my little pockets of life. I look back on the years that have come and gone. The memories forgotten but still alive. I take my hat off to the music of laughter created never recorded. I long to go home to these faces. I long to dance the night away with these souls. My heart longs for the childlike atmosphere we create through the innocence of our existence. My soul longs for home. 

My Strength Is Found In My Failures

When you face your fears, you develop skills to help you become strong. When you accept that life is not as you see it, helps you accept when you have lost. Truth is, losing a battle today does not mean defeat. It only means that you went out in the battle field unprepared.
Your greatest enemies are those you hold dear because they know your game plan. They have been with you and studied you all your life. They know where which pressure point to push to cause the most damage. Once you accept that about today, tomorrow will be different. 

So what if I lose today. I have a few battles I have won in my life and this single act can’t change that. I am me and my history speaks volumes about my achievements. My failures only point to me where I need to beef up my act. 

Today I took a blow and yes I am down but wait till I get back up. Now I know and I have learned to be one with my fears and failures. 

My strength is found when you examine my failures.

Truth or Dare

Learning to live by my word
Learning to trust
Learning to walk the path unknown

Years have passed
Words I have share
None I have lived
Yet today I must

Today; truth or dare
I no longer can hide
What if..what if
How do I?

It’s not fear nor doubt
I just have not seen it myself
Hearing stories and living truth is not the same
I am not saying you are lying
I just don’t believe yet I believe..

Today its truth or dare

Against all Odds

There will be times you will begin to doubt your efforts. It will seem that nothing is happening. You will begin to wonder if all the negative voices around you are right. But when that day comes remember these words, 

“A seed when planted must first grow roots so that it’s able to withstand all pressures once it emerges from the ground” – Dolly Tau.

Do not quit. Allow your roots to grow.

I am sorry 

The three magic words to a woman’s heart… No not I loved you those mean nothing to me.  I haven’t heard John utter them after he pushed me down The stairs in what he terms passionate outburst.  I hear Steve wisper in my ear after he forced his his weight on top of me and took my “precious”. 

I have had Lerato utter them while on the phone with  lover after her husband left for work. So these are no magic words to me.

If only they could pay the medical bills from my fall, for te therapy sessions for Lerato’s children after the divorce. 

I do not need your “I loved you”. All I long for is a simple… I am sorry.

Purpose driven Living 

The million of times you have woken up and walked this land ought to make wonder, why? 

For the millions who never experience tomorrow ought to makes you wonder, why? 

For some who live a life of purpose they never ask why?  But rather their morning begin with a simple question,  “what new thing will I do TODAY to better tomorrow for another? ”

Of these people who are you?  

The Bench – learning to see beyond the eye

They say football unites nations. That moment when a nations team scores the crucial goal at the very last minutes of a match. At that point racial line disappear, economical standards erased. At that moment we all forget we are enemies; at that moment there are no limits.

In my home village we do not have a football team. We have public offices mended by public servants. What unites us are the long benches outside public offices. Seated on those benches are professors, CEOs, doctors,combi/taxi drivers, street vendors and The old wife with her elderly husband; all of us speaking the Same language.

On those benches we have one language,we are a village. Amazingly we spend all those time talking about what isn’t wrong with out services and though seated with intellects there are no solutions offered.

There should be a sign put up next to the bench and it’s should read, Welcome to the United States of Africa.


In total silence
My inner man sounds of choirs thunder
A foreigner in my native land?
Who shifted the wheels of time?

What was hidden Exposed.
The little lies we carry
The untold truths revealed
Is this you my darling?

Bitter-sweets moments
Bitter ending
Sweet aroma displaced
Delights of the heart erased
Is this you my darling.

A smile curved at its end
A kiss; the reenactment of yes of Judas
Is this you my darling?

Like the letters of old
The generation of yesterday
Silence has found me naked.

Naked but Unashamed

I would like to post something uplifting and inspiring today as I have done all this while.  However today I want to tell you a bit of truth.  Allow me to just leave it all down here.
Sometimes it is the strong in appearance who need the greatest of help.  I help so many people find peace of mind in all they do.  I am a great believer in people and the power they possess within.  Nonetheless, I have left longing for peace within me.

I chose today to put it out there for all to appreciate.  Hoping that somehow it helps someone to know ‘you are not alone’. I do not wish for any reactions of sympathy or concern. I just want you to know I am human.