My Strength Is Found In My Failures

When you face your fears, you develop skills to help you become strong. When you accept that life is not as you see it, helps you accept when you have lost. Truth is, losing a battle today does not mean defeat. It only means that you went out in the battle field unprepared.
Your greatest enemies are those you hold dear because they know your game plan. They have been with you and studied you all your life. They know where which pressure point to push to cause the most damage. Once you accept that about today, tomorrow will be different. 

So what if I lose today. I have a few battles I have won in my life and this single act can’t change that. I am me and my history speaks volumes about my achievements. My failures only point to me where I need to beef up my act. 

Today I took a blow and yes I am down but wait till I get back up. Now I know and I have learned to be one with my fears and failures. 

My strength is found when you examine my failures.


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