The Bench – learning to see beyond the eye

They say football unites nations. That moment when a nations team scores the crucial goal at the very last minutes of a match. At that point racial line disappear, economical standards erased. At that moment we all forget we are enemies; at that moment there are no limits.

In my home village we do not have a football team. We have public offices mended by public servants. What unites us are the long benches outside public offices. Seated on those benches are professors, CEOs, doctors,combi/taxi drivers, street vendors and The old wife with her elderly husband; all of us speaking the Same language.

On those benches we have one language,we are a village. Amazingly we spend all those time talking about what isn’t wrong with out services and though seated with intellects there are no solutions offered.

There should be a sign put up next to the bench and it’s should read, Welcome to the United States of Africa.


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