You are the Captain of your own ship – Take charge 

You can’t change how people treat you, but you can change how you react. 

People will always talk even after you are dead.  So you need to learn to ignore people’s chatter especially that which doesn’t add value to your success.  Notice I said YOUR success because success is subjective.  What may be success to one may be the opposite for another.  

It’s your ship and you are  the Captain take charge.  You give the orders, you map the way.  You lead. To do that you are going to need a good crew of sailors; a team to support your mision. Therefore surround yourself with men and women you can depend and rely on.  Is not everyone who smiles that is a friend.

Do not hold pity parties on the ship least you sink.  If along the journey you make a bad call or judgement, learn from it and move on.  The ocean is unpredictable some days will come with storms some with sunshine.  Prepare well and make sure your team isn’t prepared as well.  

It will not be easy but you will make it! 


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