The Eye of a Tornado


They say you really never know what you are capable of until you encounter life.

I was just getting ready to knock off work and I walked over to Rachel’s desk to wrap up one final loose end for the day.My bags in one hand, some homework on the other I made my way. As approached her office I softly called out to so she knows I was coming to her. The next thing I know, my blood is boiling within me as if lava. My big eyes wide open yet all I could see was blurred visions.

What has just happened? I couldn’t stop it. As if watching an episode of volcanoes on national geographic; lava flowed. I could not contain the fiery in me. I could taste its bitterness in my tongue. I could feel my body get hotter. My breathing got louder, tighter and faster. What is this thing I am feeling? Who is this person speaking? It was official I had gone mad; all my rage and anger out in the open for all to see. I could not lie to myself anymore. No lie worked this time.

We all have a way we manage the emotions within us. As people we tend to formulate lies to help me “manage” our emotions. We make up excuse…lies to quench the fire in us. The list of these is endless…

  • They did not mean it…
  • She is probably are tired, they didn’t mean it…
  • I probably caught them at the wrong time…
  • He probably has a lot on his mind and I am just adding to his plate. He doesn’t mean to rude…
  • She is probably stressed or something, she is just letting off steam…
  • Shucks! I just got caught in the middle of the firing that was not meant for me. They didn’t mean to say it…

The bottom line is that we all go through life thinking we are managing our anger while in fact all we are doing is lying to ourselves. We rarely address the issues but we push it under the rag just so we maintain “normality”. Managing your anger does not mean internalizing or suppressing anger. Rather, it is the ability to recognize that you, or someone else, is becoming angry and take appropriate action to deal with the situation in a positive way.

Keep your temper in check – simple anger management: 

  1. Think before you speak,
  2. Take a timeout and
  3. Identify possible solutions



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